Week Two Reflection

As this week has continued, I have found it hard to multitask this course and my other aspects of life, but I guess that is what comes with the territory. As this online course began in the beginning, I was eager to explore the elements the class had to offer, and as soon as I started to get comfortable I began to be less vigilant about the assignments. What this week has taught me is to keep focus on my goals and never get too comfortable because that is how I can lose concentration. As well as my reminder about time management, I learned about many interesting topics, such as the influence of technology on human thought processes, or the simplicity of Googling any question. On the other hand, I also read about the possible risks of technology that could alter our lives in a negative way, as well as the dependency of the human brain on computers. This week has pushed us to reach further into the Internet to access more specific information for our research. It is both challenging yet rewarding to be able to personally guide the direction of our assignments. I believe this method allows us to think more critically and creatively. As the next week comes, I am going to progress and get back on the flow of the assignments. work_in_progress

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