“Augmenting Human Intellect” Concept Experience

Our minds are constantly racing, connecting concepts from various information sources. My mind is constantly deliberating different outcomes for similar problems, or the association of different subjects. Sometimes we’re probably thinking the same things; however we don’t speak it because we think that our questions or opinions are probably stupid or irrelevant. People acquire knowledge throughout various methods of cognition, and for an individual to think his or hers is in any shape or form incorrect is delirious. Each brain operates uniquely, and it is about time education revolutionizes to meet those unique needs.


Our society has developed a norm that enables everything from food, technology, and everyday lifestyles to be quick, easy, and efficient. In the article “As We May Think” by Vennevar Bush, it explains how technology is able to complete this rigorous tasks, unlike our minds. Computers cannot think of their own, they do whatever they are instructed.  As society continues to evolve, humans create and use intricate technology that require little to no effort from an intellectual standpoint. The development of fast paced lifestyles can be easily acquainted with the rise of the machine. Artificial intelligence is becoming an essential part of human lives. The ability for technology to alter our process of cognition will allow the world to communicate on a more intricate level, allowing for more educational conversations and decision making to occur. Science has provided the swiftest communication between individuals; it has provided a record of ideas and has enabled man to manipulate and to make extracts from that record so that knowledge evolves and endures throughout the life of a race rather than that of an individual. In one sense of course, any man-made system is intended to help man, to help a man or men outside the system. Everything is public and everyone is able to view your work, which is a very invigorating feeling. Websites recognize an individuals habits online, and organizes, stores, alphabetizes and generates relevant items that appear on the website On the other hand, I also read about the possible risks of technology that could alter our lives in a negative way, as well as the dependency of the human brain on computers.


But there is increased evidence that we are being bogged down today as specialization extends. It seems entirely possible that, in due course, electronic or chemical “machines” will outdo the human brain in most of the functions we now consider exclusively within its province. Augmenting man’s intellect, in the sense defined above, would warrant full pursuit by an enlightened society if there could be shown a reasonable approach and some plausible benefits. However, with the technology that’s surrounded around us, I feel that humans depend more upon technology then technology does on us in their daily lives. Man’s population and gross product are increasing at a considerable rate, but the complexity of his problems grows still faster, and the urgency with which solutions must be found becomes steadily greater in response to the increased rate of activity and the increasingly global nature of that activity.


So I do not have a problem with the concept of artificial intelligence itself, more with the idea that we, as humans, will be the ones creating this independent consciousness. I learned about many interesting topics, such as the influence of technology on human thought processes, or the simplicity of Googling any question. I believe my resources are endless and that it is up to me to find the most useful information. The questions I asked were influenced by the search results I had found, which means that our interaction with computers are stronger than we realize. These and many other questions arose as I completed this assignment, and they make me realize that Google is the playing ground for the most simple, elementary questions that would otherwise be considered “stupid”, but with this search engine it is not. The rise of technology has influenced our lives more greatly than we will ever know, and recognizing when our society could completely fall under the reigns of technology will be vital.

2 thoughts on ““Augmenting Human Intellect” Concept Experience

  1. At first I was frustrated because the link words weren’t obvious (a theme effect), but then I reframed my frustration and started enjoying the way I”d have to run my mouse pointer over the words to find the links (the pointer changed, obviously). So my frustration turned into a kind of a game. Nice, whether or not you intended it. 🙂

    For the most part, the conceptual network you’ve made here is fascinating. Only the second section sticks out as less thoroughly woven. It almost seems as if you’ve changed your mind suddenly and without warning. But then things smooth out again, and by the end I was pretty much captivated. Your use of images in between each section as “headers” works beautifully. A fine experience!

  2. I also took a few moments to realize how many links were “hidden” in this post. You mention repeatedly that the resources available on the internet are endless. I think this is the most amazing thing about the internet and what really separates it from other media. The internet is so amazing because it has allowed for people to publish more information at a pace more rapid than ever before. This does produce some rather useless information, but I think it will serve as a very detailed and informative artifact that our generation will have left on the world.

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