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This particular assignment allowed for various routes of interpretations of “Augmenting Human Intellect”. Having tidbits from every piece of work from myself, classmates, and authors’ work allowed for me to create an imaginative conceptual network. Although we were restricted, the assignment allowed freedom to take the network into any direction. Reading through my classmate’s blogs, I realized the different directions each one took, and appreciated the variation between each.


As I was browsing, I discovered a humorous blog about the creativity of this course, as well as the exceptional price of Raman Noodles. The concept of singularity, that machine will outdo the human brain, must be steadily watched in order to create a balance between human thoughts and technology. Another blog mentioned the lack of critical thinking skills that millennium children have, which struck my attention. These children are growing up with new technology surrounding them everyday and they are not amused or fascinated with the technological shift that is occurring in our lives. Anisa discusses the vast selection of information found on the Internet, and how time efficient researching has become. In addition to rapidly evolving technology, one blog mentioned the blindness humans have to the advancement of technology. This is an important theory to discuss because the first step to resolving an issue, such as singularity, would be to recognize that it is occurring, which seems to be the hardest step to take. The last post I stumbled upon discussed the true intelligence behind artificial intelligence: the human brain. We are constantly discussing the brilliance of technology, but fail to recognize the creator of it. Humans hold the highest intelligence and technology will continue to be what we make of it.

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