Revised Computer Lib / Dream Machines Nugget

“But today, at this moment, we can and must design the media, design the molecules of our new water, and I believe the details of this design matter very deeply. They will be with us for a very long time, perhaps as long as man has left; perhaps if they are as good as they can be, man may even buy more time—or the open-ended future most suppose remains.”


Our generation can do unexplainable things in today’s society. We are a generation run by social media, which both helps and destroys us at the same time. We throw “likes” or “favorites” around thinking we’re making a difference, but in reality it is only mentally putting us at ease thinking we helped a cause. This particular passage struck my eye because it not only discusses the inevitable uprising of advanced technology, but it recognizes the caution and preciseness we must have creating it. At the end of the day, the human mind develops technology and media, and we have the potential to shift the entire norm of our society. We can let technology allow us to further aspects in our life such as education, politics, and government, or perhaps actually helping a cause by “liking” or “sharing”. Singularity can integrate technology into our jobs and everyday life. The possibilities are endless and this passage shines light on the longer term impact of media. The passage states, that “man may even buy more time”, which is a short and quick way of saying we could create such innovative technology that could expand our life beyond our normal human years. People are always wishing for the future and seeing it in the movies, but it is time for society to step up and create the media and technology that we are all envisioning for our future. This passage is a refreshing statement that shines a light on the potential innovations that are possible through man and machine.

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