Progress Report

As this week has progressed, I have finally caught up to all my late work. I fell behind for various reasons but it made me realize that I must stay on top of my accademic work.

In the process of catching up on my late work, I have made immense progress in finding a definite direction for my inquiry project. My final question ended up being “has social media desensitized us to the tragedies in the world?” This was influenced by further research and my classmates’ comments. I loved the feedback that I received and I used it to alter the direction I will be leading the discussion. This topic intrigued me because I was starting to recognize negative habits from my friends around me. No one was educated on important global topics, and nobody seemed to care. I had seen them become so desensitized to the news around them, because it was only displayed in forms of social media. Chaos and destruction does not belong on social media for the purpose of “likes” and “shares”.

I also posted about the general desensitization of the youth and how it has impacted me personally. I think this post made me realize first hand the devastation that desensitization brings.

In the following week I will continue to research my topic and further my details and research by choosing the specific subcategories of my topic. These include, the tone of the paper, a possible solution, and the effect it has on not only us but our lives.


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