“Personal Dynamic Media”

First I’d like to apologize for not posting recently, I became ill (who even gets sick in the summer?) and have let my sickness foolishly effect my work.


This nugget assignment was particularly surprising because I had just recently been contemplating the uses of personal computers and tablets such as the ones discussed in the paper. Two particular passages stuck out to me, because of my train of thought lately. I often ask myself multiple questions throughout my day, most of them concerning insight about the world around me. I always tell myself I am going to record them somewhere, because these thoughts are meant to be contemplated in further detail.


Anyway, the first passage that stuck out to me was on the first page.

“Devices” which variously store, retrieve, or manipulate information in the form of messages embedded in a medium have been in existence for thousands of years. People use them to communicate ideas and feelings both to others and back to themselves. Although thinking goes on in one’s head, external media serve to materialize thoughts and, through feedback, to augment the actual paths the thinking follows. Methods discovered in one medium provide metaphors which contribute new ways to think about notions in other media.”

The internet is a pool for thousands of ideas discovered by thousands of different people. Within this pool, people discuss, debate, and argue these thoughts, that ultimately lead to more intricate, intuitive thoughts. Communicating with other people allows for diverse conversation, and opens our eyes to the ideas of others. Without talking, nobody would know the stream of consciousness of their peers. We enrich our thoughts and further our education when we are given the opportunity to expand our ideas by collaborating with different people. These “devices” discussed in this paper make all of this possible. Paper and pencil are sufficient means of communicating, but as time has progressed, we have gained interest in using quick, efficient forms of technology to interact. The simplicity of converting our thoughts into words has become accessible with a click of a mouse, or keypad. When we “materialize” our thoughts, they become rich, and more importantly, real. I compare our brain to an ocean; a vast, cloudy area of unidentified thoughts. The internet, is comparable to a pool; a clear, enclosed area of identified thoughts. When we are able to take the thoughts from our “ocean” and project them into the “pool”, we can better understand and see our thoughts for what they truly are. We are able to expand, separate, and remove parts of them to reach a concise conclusion.

In relation to this passage, another one on the same page stuck out to me as well.


“Every message is, in one sense or another, a simulation of some idea. It may be representational or abstract. The essence of a medium is very much dependent on the way messages are embedded, changed, and viewed. Although digital computers were originally designed to do arithmetic computation, the ability to simulate the details of any descriptive model means that the computer, viewed as a medium itself, can be all other media if the embedding and viewing methods are sufficiently well provided. Moreover, this new “metamedium” is active—it can respond to queries and experiments—so that the messages may involve the learner in a two-way conversation. This property has never been available before except through the medium of an individual teacher. We think the implications are vast and compelling.”

As I have said, communicating with others through these “devices” is vital in stimulating thought and conversation. At the end of this paragraph, they mention that the property of two-way communication has never been seen before, except through a teacher. We are experiencing this shift first hand. We no longer have a teacher that is directly in front of us and communicating with us face-to-face. This class is the “metamedium” allowing students to learn and expand our thoughts through the blogs of other students. We teach each other, and we expand our ideas off of the thoughts and comments of others. That is truly one of a kind, and experiencing this class has made me realize the immense amount of information that can be disseminated between classmates.

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