Inquiry Project Summary


As this week has begun, I have made immense progress in my Inquiry Project. I scheduled an appointment with the writing center, which I surprisingly have not utilized until this course, and they helped me guide and outline my paper tremendously. The advisor, who’s name was Phillip, was previously a University 112 instructor so it was helpful to have another English teachers’ opinion on my topic. He helped me identify my sub-points and organize an outline of the order of information that I will be writing about. Without this appointment, I would have had a much harder time organizing my thought process of research. I established a final topic, which is “social media does more harm than good in bringing awareness to global chaos”. Some examples of the sub-points include demographics of social media users, how social media and media is inseparable, and the desensitization of teenagers that grew up without domestic chaos effecting them. I plan to finish my draft by tomorrow night, with all of my sub-points and a majority of my sources. I am excited to see where this paper will go and how the final product will turn out.


Sources (not definite): (full report)


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