The lesson for this week is centered on goal setting and vision boards. An important part of the maintaining a holistic working environment is understanding why we are in the environments to start and what we are looking to get from it in the process. As part of a traditional english class, it is important that students know how to express themselves not only through written communication, but also orally. Students will create vision boards, on poster board or electronically, that will reflect three goals they want to accomplish in the near future. They will then be required to create a presentation that they will share with the class and share why and how these goals will impact their future plans.

I will be using VA English SOL 11.1: The student will make planned, informative and persuasive, multimodal, interactive presentations, collaboratively and individually.

At the end of the lesson, the student will be able to make a planned, informative, multimodal presentation through Google Slides to 100% accuracy.

The learning objective will be assessed through completion and submission of work and identifying that all specified parts have been included.

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