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What is focused inquiry?

On the first day of class, we were asked to write down what we thought focused inquiry was and write it down on a note card. I remember writing things like “an English class, pre-req class, reading, writing papers, etc.” I… Continue Reading →

How does one navigate thinking and research through writing for an academic audience? & How does starting the research process with a question change the process itself?

How does one navigate thinking and research through writing for an academic audience? One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when researching evidence for an academic piece of writing is 1) who is your audience and 2)… Continue Reading →


As freshman year comes to an end, I think about what I was doing a year ago. I was preparing for prom, graduation was coming up, and I was excited to come to VCU. As I think about where I… Continue Reading →

Why does warm weather and sunshine make people happier?

Of course, we all know the obvious answers to this question, sunshine has vitamin d, we get tan, and sunshine is in general, good for the soul. In most cases we all feel happier in the summer because there is… Continue Reading →

Being sick in college is the WORST

Let me just rant for a quick second, college students are some of the grossest people ever, and I will explain why.  From the time flu season starts in November to when it ends in April, it is like we… Continue Reading →

Good Vs. Bad Conversation

Conversations are how we communicate with other people on a daily basis. We talk about our days, our plans, people we know, etc. The difference between a good and a bad conversation is pretty obvious when you think about it…. Continue Reading →

Spring Break

It literally feels like just yesterday we were coming back to school from winter break. I feel like this semester has gone by so much faster than last semester did. I almost felt like I did not need a break from… Continue Reading →

Does changing weather give you headaches?

Something really weird happened to my me and my roommate this week and I wanted to share it. On Monday night, I had a bad headache in the frontal region of my head. Now, I wasn’t too suspicious because I… Continue Reading →

What kinds of support do writers need to offer for the assertions they make in personal, reflective, or creative writing? Are they similar or different from more academic/scholarly writing?How does the writing/thinking situation change when one is writing “under pressure,” as in a timed writing?

In my opinion, for reflective/personal narratives writers don’t need as much support for the assertions that they make. Personal narratives are for writers to write about their personal experiences and reflections. I think as long as the person can back up… Continue Reading →

How Bullet Journaling is Helping Me Reach My Goals

One of my mail goals for this semester was to be more proactive in how I organize my schedules and to procrastinate less. I have a big agenda calendar that I used last semester but honestly, I rarely checked it…. Continue Reading →

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