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    The class I’m currently teaching is a science lab class where the experiments are done on computers. My course builds a great community through working on a shared research project, it’s what my program really l […]

    • That’s a fascinating description of in class interactions and student engagement, the question that comes to mind is how do we replicate similar interactions within online spaces? Tom has pointed out several tools and resources that can help create facilitate interaction in online spaces. One other resource we can use is the community of inquiry framework
      which provides a model for describing the different elements (social, cognitive and teaching presence) which support the development of online communities. I

    • “I want text to be an environment to think in.” I love this, and explorable explanations, especially as an approach to some of our content-heavy introductory science classes where students have to read a 2-3 inch textbook. I know it’s something students don’t do well, don’t do actively. They sit down to read, glaze over by paragraph two, thinking it’s to be consumed rather than explored.