• aajohnson wrote a new post, Goals for learning Bioinformatics programming online, on the site Ramphages 6 years, 4 months ago

    The course I’ll work on first is BNFO 201 Computing Skills in Bioinformatics. It is an introductory python programming course for sophomore and junior level bioinformatics students. We created this class two y […]

    • Allison there are a couple of resources you could provide to students to help them with learning python. VCU students and staff now have access to
      Lynda.vcu.edu which has a bunch of python tutorials, Codeacademy also has some python tutorials. You might find these useful enough to weave into your course

      • Thanks Stan! I found lynda has a very cool theoretical intro to programming that is generalized to elements common to all programming languages. Very useful.

    • It’s a relatively old approach from computer science, but also the transferable skill to real life. So I ended up focusing on the problem solving portion of the course in my week 4 search for resources. I was surprise that is the path I ended up taking this week, but as I was looking around that seemed to be the area I had more to learn. Take a look! I have much, much more work to do. There is a lot of material out there, and I still need to do a better job of connecting to some of those folks.