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  • Notes from the video:
    We feed our food animals by products of slaughtered animals and rendered animals, animal waste, and waste from industrial processes!
    The amount of human waste that is generated per year is 6.9 million dry tons and the amount that we add to our land is just about half = 3.9 million dry tons. While animals produce 287 million and less than 270 million is released to land. Humans is treated and animals aren’t.
    Bacteria, viruses, hormones, heavy metals, and nutrients are in animal waste.
    There are 5 million farm workers who have contact to animals or waste that’s used at fertilizer. There’s no federal oversight and they have no personal federal equipment.
    Airborne contamination from product on sites include; gases, organic compounds (poultry houses-60 unique ones and swine production- 330 unique ones), animal dander, and microorganisms.
    Issue that shocked me:
    As I was watching the video, they stated that we feed our farm animals by-products of slaughtered animals and animal waste. That is completely disturbing, I knew that we didn’t treat our farm animals well, but never in a million years did I imagine that we would feed them a dead animal. We have to eat the meat that was grown from another contaminated animal. Just thinking about it makes my stomach upset. I wonder why we’re feeding our animals this type of junk? Did they run out of edible food? Either way this video has be thinking about being a vegetarian.

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    Wow, I definitely do not think I could eat that much toothpaste at once. At least you had fresh breath and on the days you had to eat an egg, well that’s more protein for you! I’m only kidding, but still that’s pretty disgusting. I never understood the whole point in hazing anyways.

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    I agree with you about being open to try different foods. Some you will like while others not so much, but you will not know until you try. It helps you become more rounded and gives you more to talk about. I really like the pictures on top of your page to direct you to whatever post, very creative and cute.

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    Haha, I use to love the movie Matilda and it fits perfectly with this article. I really enjoyed reading your post. I also use to have the same dislike for rice, if there isn’t any sauce covering it then I probably will not eat it. Like you said, it has no taste.

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    Elizabeth Allen http://rampages.us/allenen/

  • Notes from video:

    Soy and corn take over half of our farm production

    Industrialization includes: Mechanization, specialization, standardization, technology, inputs, economic of scale, consolidation, concentration

    Poultry industry: chickens grew to almost half the weight drop from half the time with the same amount of food. In 2007 the weight has doubled in much less time than 1977.

    Exposures to pesticides may led to cancer, nervous system impacts, and death

    Resource depletion in topsoil, groundwater, fossil fuel, and mineral fertilizers

    Red meat and dairy account for half of the greenhouse emission associated from the US food system

    Issue that surprised me:

    In the video they had a picture and stated how in 2007 the chicken has obtained more weight in less time than the other ones from 1977. They also stated that all the chickens were eating the same diet. That’s kind of hard to believe maybe they are giving the chickens now a days some kind of supplement that will help them grow faster. For example everything now a days is centered upon being non-gmo. No one in interested in buying anything that is genetically modified, but when we buy our meats a lot of them do not have that label on the packaging so that should wave a caution flag.


  • Three out of seven of our group members met with Rosemary on Friday August 29th. The remaining are scheduling a meeting with her as soon as possible.


    During our meeting we discussed what she was looking for in her volunteers. She said that the organization had plenty of different projects we could do, ranging from working in the children’s garden, working in the classrooms, food drives/donations, 5ks, even kitchen assistants. The meeting lasted for about an hour, during that time we took a tour of the building and filled out our volunteer application. We asked questions like hours of operation, where and when the events are held, is the organization doing well, how to get in contact with her if a problem arises, and who does the program mostly serve. She informed us the that organization s doing very well and she has returning students wanting to volunteer more. She showed us where her office was and told us that if we were to take pictures that we have to approve it with her beforehand. The program mostly serves children, elderly people, and of course the people in that community.

  • ThumbnailAs I was reading this article, this one sentence stuck out to me.
    “Learning plays a crucial role in their model because a child learns not how much food to eat, but also which foods to eat. Associative learning […]

    • Well its nice to know some kids have back bones? I mean, happy meals are fine and all, but am I not allowed to eat a bigger portion? Way to go Liz! I personally dont believe in forcing your children to eat anything. Granted, they should always eat their fruits and vegetables (for healthy bones or whatever blah blah blah), but every now an then they should be allowed to pig out and eat junk food. Junk food rules the world. There are always alternatives to make children eat yucky food in a way that they would like.

    • I was into fast food a lot too when I was a kid! But as I got older, I’ve also turned to a lot more healthy foods, especially leaving for college. I totally agree that forcing food on a child only causes more problems. I had that experience when I was younger and it definitely affected me negatively as I got older. There are definitely other ways to help children eat healthier without taking the ‘force-feeding’ route. Loved reading your post! And the meme made me laugh hehe!

    • I completely agree with you Liz, it’s great that your mom had the approach of letting you decide what to eat. It’s funny that kids have a fascination with McDonalds. I too remember getting happy meals, but I remember not being able to have my toy until I was finished with all my food. I like your idea of finding an alternative way to provide a source nutrients without forcing kids to eat healthy items simply because they are healthy. I hope I will try to be open minded with my own kids some day, because you make a great point that forcing certain foods can cause children to be close minded of cultures as a whole.

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    As I was reading this article I began to think about my own family experiences around the dinner table. All of them are pleasant, but a majority of them are centered around the television. My dad always talked […]

    • You make a lot of good points in the post. I definitely don’t agree with parenting telling their child they should loose weight. Maybe inform the child about other healthy options they could take or maybe as a family they could take a health class so no one feels cornered out. My family sits downs and eats dinner together as much as we can. We never turn the TV on. I use to ask sometimes as a kid if we could and my mother would not let us because then we all wold be staring at the TV instead of talking and she is right.

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