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    ThumbnailAs I was reading this article, this one sentence stuck out to me.
    “Learning plays a crucial role in their model because a child learns not how much food to eat, but also which foods to eat. Associative learning […]

    • Well its nice to know some kids have back bones? I mean, happy meals are fine and all, but am I not allowed to eat a bigger portion? Way to go Liz! I personally dont believe in forcing your children to eat anything. Granted, they should always eat their fruits and vegetables (for healthy bones or whatever blah blah blah), but every now an then they should be allowed to pig out and eat junk food. Junk food rules the world. There are always alternatives to make children eat yucky food in a way that they would like.

    • I was into fast food a lot too when I was a kid! But as I got older, I’ve also turned to a lot more healthy foods, especially leaving for college. I totally agree that forcing food on a child only causes more problems. I had that experience when I was younger and it definitely affected me negatively as I got older. There are definitely other ways to help children eat healthier without taking the ‘force-feeding’ route. Loved reading your post! And the meme made me laugh hehe!

    • I completely agree with you Liz, it’s great that your mom had the approach of letting you decide what to eat. It’s funny that kids have a fascination with McDonalds. I too remember getting happy meals, but I remember not being able to have my toy until I was finished with all my food. I like your idea of finding an alternative way to provide a source nutrients without forcing kids to eat healthy items simply because they are healthy. I hope I will try to be open minded with my own kids some day, because you make a great point that forcing certain foods can cause children to be close minded of cultures as a whole.