• Dear Food For Thought,

    I am so sad to see you go, however it seems that the time has come to bid you farewell. I enjoyed having you in my life for these past few months, a place to questions and discuss the […]

  • Twelve years ago, as a newly diagnosed diabetic, my doctors told me to avoid sugar as much as possible. They implied that if I ate any sugar it would have extreme negative effects on me. At the time, without […]

  • “But then, we rarely talk of eating (dead) animals at all. We talk of eating “meat”.”

    This quote really stuck out to me because of the truth of it. We created a different word, as species, to discuss the […]

  • “Men who decide to eschew meet are deemed effeminate; failure of men to eat meat announces that they are not masculine” (Adams, 44)

    “It has to do with the function of the male within our society. Football […]

  • Often times sugar is the first thing a person cuts down on in their food intake when they decide to try and eat better. For the most part this is done by replacing sugar with sugar alternatives, usually artificial […]

  • Ingredients:

    Enriched Macaroni Product

    Wheat flour: A powder made from the grinding of wheat used for human consumption. More wheat flour is produced than any other flour.
    Glyceryl monosterate: GMS […]

  • When your’re driving through the country side and see cows grazing in the fields to your left and right, it is one of the most idyllic sights one can see. However within the first few paragraphs of these essay we […]

  • Back in 2011, a new phenomenon was started when blogger Edith Zimmerman made a blog post on Hairpin.com consisting of 18 pictures of women laughing alone with salad each of which had no description.  On the very […]

  • I like the direct comparison to the consumerism industry and the way that women are treated, as well as the idea of the saying “being treated like a piece of meat” being explained in such a straightforward way. I […]

  • I really enjoy this analysis, the observations that the women being depicted are not society’s definition of sexy is really important, however I find myself wishing I could see the images being discussed so I […]

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    Back in 2011 a new phenomenon was started when a blogger, Edith Zimmerman, made a blog post on Hairpin.com consisting of 18 pictures of women laughing alone with salad with no description. On the very same day of […]

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    It is a known fact that women typically appear in a limited number of food advertisements, at least as the star of the advertisement that is. Offhand i can name about 4 , salad, chocolate, yogurt, orange juice. […]

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  • Though Yeong-hye has often acted as a passive being in The Vegetarian, the reader starts to get a sense of her strength in the 2nd chapter. From the outside she does look to continue her trends of passivity, […]

  • Liz McBurney: Photographer

    When Liz first began taking photos of meat, it was because she saw in the textures of the meat an odd similarity to the tectures of textiles out of which we make our clothing. […]

  • Getting High in London: A Diabetic Memoir

    I want my food memoir to circle around the tensions and changes I had in my experience with food as I was diagnosed with both Diabetes and allergies, and how that […]

    • I love how you expressed how through food the relationship with your father was simplified ., because you understood what he went through as a diabetic. You did a great job showing how food can cause uprising in families, because for your mom food was something that you needed for nutrition, and for your dad food was moreso a pleasure.

      I like the transition of descriptive narrartion where instead of saying the doctor diagnosed you with diabetes instead you wrote he left some pills for me to stabilize my blood in the middle of the night.

      It was a satisfying description of your mom when you wrote that she replaced cake wih a singular slice of whole wheat bread with a candle in the middle of it.

  • annacarlson posted a new activity comment 3 years, 2 months ago

    It’s hard for me to comment on things that are so personal and individual, but I’ll do my best. I can feel the inner tension and frustration that your father and mother must have been feeling, with your dad being frustrated he has to put your mom through this and your mom being frustrated that she can’t do better for your dad. I also particularly…[Read more]

  • Cincinnati, OH.

    Probably doesn’t mean much to most people. Especially not when it comes to food. But for the Carlson/Jerow clan? It was basically mecca. You see, my mom grew up in Cincinnati, eating a variety […]

  • My mother, the worlds biggest spokesperson for healthy eating, has an inexplicable love for Steak n’ Shake. Perhaps it is a leftover childhood memory that spurs this love, but it is still unfathomable to my […]

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