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    We learned a lot about metaphors this week. Sometimes it is easier to communicate through using something that does not go with the situation that I am trying to explain. […]

    • I think that comparing understanding to seeing is an awesome comparison. I never really noticed that the two were interchangeable but when you bring it up, it actually makes a lot of sense! I also liked how you compared someone using new glasses and someone who uses old glasses and the difference between the two. Great descriptions and comparisons!

    • So putting on a new pair of sunglasses is like putting on a new thinking perspective? This is an awesome metaphor! I never thought of it that way. I’m a really big fan of metaphors so that just really excited me. I agree with you on the group project as well, we could have communicated better. I will use this lesson moving forward.

    • To see the world with new “lenses” is a great metaphor for adopting a new perspective. Well done, Emily. Whether they are sunglasses with black lenses, rose-colored lenses, or something else…

      Communication is the lifeblood of team work and much of life. Our whole lives are spent around getting our communication right.

      You did some thoughtful reflection around your assignments.