• bruckea wrote a new post, Words to Live By, on the site ericbruck 6 years, 7 months ago

    “Do hard things”. I have heard my grandmother tell me this quotation countless times throughout my life. I don’t exactly remember the first time she ever encouraged me to “do hard things”, but I do know that I was […]

    • I really admire the fact that you immediately applied your grandmother’s advice at the first opportunity you got.

    • Grandmother can be very influential on our lives. I think she gave you really good advice and it’s always good to have someone that pushes you to do the best you can and are persistent about it. How are you continuing to use that advice now that you’re in college?

    • That’s a really awesome quote to keep in mind. Are there any other times that doing hard things has paid off for you?

    • Wow great story. Its funny that three simple words your grandmother said to you years ago have stayed with you and can be applied to almost every aspect of life. Are you close to your grandma?