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    I’m going to be comparing Raven Leilani’s Luster to Kaitlyn Greenidge’s review “Sex in the City: The Black Female Flaneur in Raven Leilani’s Luster.” Her argument that Edie represents the flaneur archetype, which […]

  • Adichie’s “Headstrong Historian” is a sort of response and tribute to Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart” which represents past generations of African lives that are rarely displayed in such an honest and relatable w […]

  • I like that you mentioned the jobs and how the narrator in The Thing Around Your Neck takes the job from Juan even if it’s not good pay. It reminds me a lot of Edie at the clown school or applying for jobs she […]

  • Adichie’s use of second person narration is a more intimate explanation from speaker to reader of what it feels like to experience these microaggressions and reminders of American privilege. Adichie c […]

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    This ending is satisfying because after many instances of Edie struggling to find herself and what her purpose is to those around her, she discovers herself through her own art. She spent much of the book thinking […]

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    Luster opens with a sex scene, which deliberately establishes it as a book that is unwilling to hedge around the truth of main character Edie’s sexuality while also immediately introducing ideas of an imbalance o […]

  • (Please know that I hate everything about the ignorance of this James-Charles-esque character and whatever I think he’d say in an Instagram post is giving me major second-hand embarrassment.)

    “I think my […]

  • I also wanted to know more about that! I think that “lifted” refers to genetic altering that apparently makes kids smarter. It seems to have different effects depending on how well the kids accept the treatment, […]

  • By the end of Klara and the Sun, I mostly wanted to know more about the “communities” that Melania Housekeeper and Josie’s father were a part of. They were referenced a few times and I somewhat understood that […]

  • My question for Leila Chatti would be one regarding faith. As an atheist who loves learning about world religions, I’m genuinely curious as to what part of Deluge healed the speaker’s faith after many poems d […]

  • “Sarcoma” on page 18 in Deluge is a good example of a prose poem. The poem’s lack of conventional poetry line breaks is what makes it stand out as a prose poem, but it still retains enjambments in the forms of […]

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    Elizabeth Bishop’s villanelle “One Art” begins with the line “The art of losing isn’t hard to master,” which is carried throughout the villanelle as the main theme. It seems to use an iambic meter and loosely […]

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    Iambic: The word “device” used to describe my laptop, “de” is unstressed, “vice” is stressed. The word “Eden”

    Trochaic: Garden Song by Phoebe Bridgers, the word “garden.” “gar” is stressed, “den” is unstressed. […]

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    The more I think about me being in college

    the more I want to sit in the woods and never leave.

    I’ve never related to Hozier’s “In a Week” more

    but I still need someone to rot with.

    “I’ll rot with yo […]