• On our first day of class, we spent nearly and hour and fifteen minutes discussing what a ram was.  While at sometimes the activity felt slightly irrelevant or far-fetched, I’ve realized how influential that ac […]

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    Who Deserves What? /Aristotle, written by Michael Sandel, highlights Aristotle’s perspective on justice and other topics through modern scenarios.  For instance, Callie Smartt, one of the most enthusiastic ch […]

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    Mass incarceration has plagued not only the United States as a whole, but specifically minority and youth groups.  This epidemic is thoroughly explored in Bryan Stevenson’s book, Just Mercy.  This image was tak […]

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    Stories have been a fundamental part of every culture across the globe.   They are a means of communication and inherently part of our brains given humans form and develop their own memories in a very story-like w […]

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    Why are some people forgiven while others are not?  After listening to the story of William Cimillo and his joyride in a New York City bus down to Florida, which would technically be classified as grand larceny, […]

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    Consider the Lobster, an article written by David Foster Wallace discusses the ethicality of the way lobster is consumed for our “gustatory pleasure” or more specifically the way it is prepared for this simple ple […]

  • In his essay, “Why Doctors Need Stories,” Peter D. Kramer claims that storytelling is essential to medicine to understand the meaning of a moment and to deepen the the human experience; both of which con […]

  • Throughout Jerome Bruner’s, “Two Modes of Thought” he explores the ideas presented within the title: the paradigmatic and the logico-scientific along with the imaginative.  He argues that without one, the other […]

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    In “There Are No ‘Vagina Voters” Joshua Holland explores the concept of “identity politics” and its application to modern elections.  While “identity politics” do not visibly drive every vote in the predicted […]

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    Video 1: “Donald Trump Biography Introduction” presented Trump as a hopeful, optimistic, dedicated and talented man capable of taking on the task of being the President of the United States.  The video was […]