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    Yang, Li. “Ethnic Tourism and Cultural Representation.” Annals of Tourism Research 38.2 (2011): 561-85. ScienceDirect. Elsevier. Web. 22 Oct. 2014. […]

    • This is so interesting! From the first paragraph I was so intrigued and it sounded so cool, but as soon as I got to the understanding of the bias and manipulation that can occur when surveys are conducted within the group of people whom benefit from positive answers. It made me think about what else could be forming this bias. It made me think a lot about the affects it has on the native people. Very interesting and well researched! 🙂

    • Nice research, however, I would like to comment on how ethic tourism “creates and destroys many things.” Is it only because of the many sterotypes with it? And how so are the sterotypes of tourists of ALL of the minorities?

    • I’d agree that cultural values are on the decline. I’d like to know more about how ethnic tourism “destroys many things” though. I know it damages values, but what else besides that?