• People don’t seem to ever realize how important and how BIG the Great Lakes are. They aren’t so much lakes, they’re a lot more like inland oceans. They have their own tides, currents, patterns, etc, and when […]

  • A few years ago, and still now to some extent, I was completely FASCINATED with the first world war, or The Great War if you’re a purist.

    I realize that openly stating that I was fascinated with the first world […]

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    This is awfully sad to hear about. I’m sure that he was a lovely person and was a blessing in your community and that his loss was horrible for everyone. Death of young people is never something that can easily be […]

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    This is really interesting. I think in our society, we idolize athletes and put so much pressure on them to always perform at the best of their physical ability. We never seem to realize that A. sometimes people […]

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    Have you guys ever really thought about the weather? what happens up in our troposphere is really cool. Here on Earth, our weather can do some crazy stuff. Powerful winds, big storms, things falling from the sky, […]

  • It’s very scary to realize how fast each of our lives are moving and how quickly this ear has gone by. VCU seems to have a culture of independence after freshman year, and it is a daunting thing to everyone. being […]

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    I think in america, the young adults just under the drinking age see alcohol as, just as you said, a “forbidden fruit”. I think that this stigma has led to an obsession over it, and when it is available to young […]

  • throughout my years at school, I have often spent time in different classes learning about ancient myths. In my freshman year latin class, I very distinctly remember a whole unit on greek and roman myths. Before […]

  • Confronting people and things that are sources of stress and problems in ones life is always a hard thing to do. Nobody likes it and many people hate it. This has been on my mind a lot this week because a friend […]

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    I am also more than ready for a break and I am very excited to have time to unwind, de-stress, and breathe next week. This semester has been a lot more rough compared to last. I have found that the work load has […]

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    Tattoos are amazing and alwasy have been. I think its incredible that different ancient cultures all over the world all came up with different methods of tattooing and different styles, reasons, meanings for them, […]

  • Food deserts are a new phenomenon in the modern world. They are defined as regions of cities that are usually low income, underserved, and impoverished, and do not have access to healthy, fresh, and nutritious […]

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    I am very much a “I’ll take a break when i’m finished” type of person and I am only now starting to realize the importance of taking breaks. Continuing to work and pushing through it is a good idea in theory, but […]

  • preface: this post may seem irrelevant, but I argue that this is an interesting exercise in abstract thinking.

    Who would win: 1 trillion lions or the sun? this question has puzzled scientists for decades, ever […]

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    The governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, has recently come under fire for a scandal surrounding a racist image. The image is of a person in a Klan uniform and another person in blackface. supposedly, one of these […]

  • Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that people’s natural rights are “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. This means that you can make your own decisions, you’re allowed to exist, […]

  • This is a really interesting mindset. My take on the matter is that everyone is in control of their own life and reality and both are only as good as you make them to be. I think a point relating to this is that […]

  • As someone who has never been a sports fanatic, it’s really interesting to read something from this point of view. I do think that it’s really wack, for lack of a better term, that the patriots have maintained […]

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    lately this week i have been thinking a lot about guitar and bass (and other instruments as well) effects pedals. Coincidentally, the winter NAMM, or the National Association of Music Merchants, […]

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    Noah Daboul



    Prof. Galligan


    Like the Op-ed assignment, writing a speech like this was a first for me. So naturally, because of this, I was somewhat scared. However, I found […]

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