During this semester I have learned so many new things. I have become extremely proud of myself with the progress I have made from UNIV 111 to UNIV 112. The things I am most proud of include including my […]

  • Today I learned that there was actually a third person that helped with the discovery of DNA that was rewarded with the Nobel Prize, but he didn’t discover it himself. He actually stole the picture from […]

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    This book it quite interesting in many ways. It is also very relevant to our world today. A lot of the things Lauren Redniss discusses in this book are things that we have stemmed off of in today’s world. For […]

  • Throughout the course of this semester I have learned a lot of new things in this Focused Inquiry class, as well as made a lot of new friends. One of my biggest accomplishments thus far is being able to give […]

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    Three things that I found interesting were that love is more than a chemical compound, if you have prolonged anxiety you are more prone to develop problems with learning and memory, and the final thing was that […]

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    Just Mercy was a very intriguing book. It allowed me to open my eyes up to see all of the negativity in the justice system today. Bryan Stevenson provided many stories of people of all ages. Reading about people […]