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    For my GIMP Tips and Tricks Module I am going to create 5 projects. After working through the introduction activities students will complete each project and post it on a Website that they will create using Google […]

    • Debbie,
      I would really like to be a student in your class. I have walked through your class and I love what the students are doing in there. I believe that the skills you teach would be a huge addition to help me devise interesting online lessons for my students. Building their skills through your online lessons open up a lot of possibilities for what they can do in their future and allows them to give you constructive feedback on their lessons. It would be really cool to do some cross-curricular work. I know you have asked in past years what we were working on to try and collaborate so that the students can get a deeper understanding of the content by using it to create your lessons. It would be kind of cool to do that again.

    • Debbie,

      Your module is turning out really great. I love having the rubrics right there for students to see how they are being assessed. I also just really like the lessons. To address our question abotu rubrics for discussion boards – I have seen some rubrics online for discussion posts, and sometime i have thought they were cool. There was one that i really wanted to find to share with you but i haven’t been able to locate it. I will keep looking though. But it really micro-managed the posts, but almost in a good way, like it gave specific points to just how you titled your post. And i wonder if that might be useful for 8th graders since they don’t have a lot of experience in this style of writing. You can google around for discussion post rubrics and see what comes up, but my thought is you can either go this route of really explaining exactly what they should do, or not. I don’t ever do this for college students and inservice teachers cause it seems to micro-managy, but again, with 8th graders you may really want to give them firm rules for posting. I will continue to try to look for this one rubric I remember.

      In terms of your discussion prompts, I would try to be more specific, especially with 8th graders. Try to get them to bring personal experiences in, this will help prevent group-think answers. So for example, maybe ask how they could use the newly acquired skills in their favorite hobby. Or ask them for a specific example of another classes assignment where they could use these skills. The more specific the better, and this generally goes for everyone, not just 8th graders. Also, try to encourage conversation between them, again with very specific prompts.

      Great job so far. I think your module is shaping up really well.

      Your module is designed for hybrid, right?

    • one thing, i know we went back and forth on your syllabus, but it maight be confusing for your students the way it is laid out right now. You might want to consider simplifying it a bit and just providing information your students would need