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    Automat, by Edward Hopper

    I have been waiting patiently in this Automat (café) for my dear friend and companion for a few hours now. We have been growing distant lately, and I feel as though I might lose him. […]

    • This is a great piece of artwork to “step inside.” Wikipedia authors have done an analysis of it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automat_%28painting%29

    • I really liked your interpretation. I liked how you added the part about how she is still wearing her hat and coat as to not make herself to comfortable. You must have put a lot of thought into it because she already has her coffee meaning she has been there for a little while!

    • Your interpretation is exactly how I first viewed the picture. The reasoning as to why she left her coat, hat, and one glove on and the detail you describe it in was my favorite part; it really connected you to her, I felt like I could feel her despair. The knowing he’s probably not going to come, but still waiting a little while longer with just a bit of hope – heartbreaking. Very moving interpretation.