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    A community that helps you learn to code, then get experience by contributing to open source projects used by nonprofits. It has a certificate program and the website operates as a project oriented learning system […]

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    Science Daily suffers from an onslaught of seemingly unorganized and difficult to navigate information. The hierarchy of information is confusing, where there are three different “top” article categories, Top […]

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    The Bouqs website is one of my favorites because its easy to navigate. They have icons for all of their services and use pictures of there flowers very neatly in the layout. I also think the typefaces are pleasing […]

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  • Genuine and responsible research involves looking at a number of sources that have to do with your topic, and understanding/discerning how they may be used in relation to what you are arguing. Not every source is […]

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    Submit three exhibitions of progress that demonstrate active engagement with the research materials. Create a store with three sections for different sources. 1. Intention to use (“Purchases”). 2. considering (“I […]

  • Why Legalizing Prostitution Would Make America Healthier, Wealthier And Safer
    The Evidence Against Legalizing Prostitution
    Buying Sex Should Not Be Legal
    Detached from the moral alignments involved with […]

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    How will the nature of advertising change with video games and virtual reality?
    This question matters to me because I am very interested in video games as a medium of art, and an influence on our modern culture. […]

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    Question: Why is prostitution illegal?
    Revised: Should prostitution be legal?
    Stasis: lvl 4
    This article talks about the grey areas of sex work, and the different ways nations have tackled its controversial […]

  • Question: Is Obama’s Presidency proof of America overcoming racism?
    Main Claim: Obama’s Presidency reflects the enduring racism in America.
    Reason 1: Obama’s upbringing and heritage make him digestible to wh […]

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    Asking open ended questions give one the opportunity to explore and discover that questions answers. Since there is no concrete answer, one must give reason to their proposition. So even without finding certainty, […]

  • lvl 2. Beauty: How do we define conventional beauty? Im interested in how we psychologically and culturally determine beauty, and what purpose it has for us as humans?

    lvl 2. Multidimensional theory: What is […]

  • Question: How does Bollea vs. Gawker change how we consider what’s newsworthy?

    Main Claim: The extent of what Journalists can publish has been compromised for the worse. 


    Reason: What is considered n […]

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    Interest comes from a lack of knowledge. If you are interested in something, you likely don’t know the entirety of it. When engaging in an interest, you are constantly being exposed to new information and […]

  • Question: What is the human value of an education?

    Main Claim: The value of education is being able to choose how you think.


    Reason 1: An education allows one to identify and avoid blind […]

  • Makeup

    How do different generation feel about makeup?
    How has the common opinion changed throughout history?
    Are opinions about makeup different between men and women?
    What is the purpose of […]