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    Usually, students in my previous classes were asked to complete diverse assignments such as case studies, team works for suggesting alternative PR plan for a case, and a research portfolio for a client. Hence, […]

    • I think rubrics serve a purpose in assessments, if we use them judiciously to guide student understanding of performance. Frequently, my students will ask, “Is this correct? Am I good enough? …” These all have their roots in teaching that has focused on the punitive use of grades but it will be a long story that I don’t intend to discuss here. Well-constructed rubrics use descriptives to indicate to students levels of performance of understanding. If you are interested, I’m happy to talk about my approach another time, or any of my colleagues will, in my absence.

      For peer assessment of learning to work, students have to be taught or know how to assess each other’s work efforts. That is, they must have prior knowledge that melds with current new knowledge of how to do so. Otherwise, there will be little depth to assessment. I am working on this right now for my course. To ask students to do peer assessment in a compressed course like mine, if they have no or limited prior knowledge means I provide more structure and coaching.

      Assessment, peer or teacher, is a very intriguing topic I love to constantly explore more of.