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    The only way I’ve ever eaten avocados is on salads or in guacamole! But those avocados look like I’d order them any where and eat them any time! I loved your blog and all the new facts I learned about avocados.

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    I’ve always eaten fig newtons as a kid but I’m sure they don’t taste as good as a real fig. I liked all the cool information you wrote about figs. I think I would like to try a real fig one day!

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    To be honest, I didn’t even know this was a fruit! They look very interesting and yummy! The recipe for the apple crisp looks delicious and definitely something I’d have to try.

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    I looovvee cherries! I also liked all the information you put in your blog. I had no idea there was a difference in nutrients between tart cherries and sweet cherries. I would definitely eat cherries especially since they can increase sleep duration!

  • ThumbnailCoconuts have ENDLESS uses!

    Coconuts can be used as oil, milk, water, flour and sooo much more!

    Some benefits
    Great Hydrator!
    Can help cholesterol Levels!
    Delicious Flavor!
    The juice of a […]

    • How does coconut help lower cholesterol? Also, use coconut oil as a hair mask or moisturizer for your skin. It’s fantastic!

    • I absolutely love the recipe you added on your page! I love eating thai food and one of my favorites is the soup. The coconut brings in a really delicious taste to the food.

    • That coconut soup looks soooo good! I love coconut and would continue eating it after this. I need to keep hydrated and the potassium of the fruit would help with that.

    • I didn’t realize that coconut was a fruit, I usually think of it as something in desserts only! Thanks for sharing all the other ways of using coconut in healthier ways, such as thai coconut soup.

    • Coconuts can be grown in many places and can be used in a bunch of things. Have you ever had coconut milk?

    • I’ve never been a huge fan of Coconuts, but I loved all of the health benefits that you listed. That soup looks like it would bring out some really interesting combinations of flavors- I may have to give it a shot!