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    You provided a great description of epilepsy and how it would impact a child’s fine motor and self-care skills. Other resources would include the websites that our book offers at the end of chapter 6. Thank you for taking the time to inform us on children who suffer from epilepsy!

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    I know this is so much later but I have been overwhelmed by my own paper!!! But I am anxious to know where way you went and know that you will do a great job! I am highly interested because I just became the head teacher in a classroom with a push in for kids with trauma specifically I will have at most 4! So I will be using the language…[Read more]

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    I hear you girl you got this!!! I am thankful that you were able to narrow your research down to just 2015 articles! I was unable to fully do that but I felt like my articles had very necessary information! […]

  • Mary I enjoyed the article you found and actually found the same article when I was trying to find an article for the assignment. I think that it is hard to find specific articles for our research and I am glad […]

  • Mary!
    I am very interested in your topic and look forward to learning more about the research that you find out. I have a huge heart for kids who face trauma and how it affects their education. I have never heard […]

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    It is helpful in reading your blog and how you gave examples of UDL in a classroom. What school do you work at? I have a hard time involving other cultures in my classroom to many of my lessons. I really enjoy knowing that your school is able to meet the cultural needs in your classroom. As I approach the Christmas Holiday I am going to…[Read more]

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    I love how your first thought is to get to know your students in your classroom and what they like!! I think that is soo meaningful and a greaty way to also develop community in the classroom. Sometimes I think we think UDL means to provide different ways to get in idea across to your students. I like the fact that you would use your knowledge of…[Read more]

  • I really would love to see how your students react when you say “night class”. I completely agree with you that you need to do several different things in order to grab students attention! I often find myself […]

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    Paige! I think you are so right about the different visual tools that can be used in a classroom. Does your lead teacher in your classrom use any of these different visual tools? If so I would love to know any knowledge that you have with working with visual tools. I definitely use and have fidget toys, my problem is how do I use them approprately…[Read more]

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    I loved reading your post. I hope today went well for you. I love the steps you took in developing relationship with the director and think that you went about in a very professional way. I look forward to hearing more about how today went!