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    When listening to politicians speeches, you almost always hear promises and words like “freedom” and “the American dream” to get listeners engaged and excited. Americans pride themselves on freedom and patriotism […]

    • I think the amount of statistics you gave was great. I actually learned a lot that countered what I originally thought, especially about taxes. I think the growth of the wage gap is a huge issue and to troubleshoot it we have to find a solution that is actually possible to obtain. I think using our resources to help find ways to invest tax dollars back into the economy to help create more jobs or more hours for lower income individuals would be a start.

    • Reading the comments made on both of these articles is quite interesting because of the facts each commenter uses. The truth in this situation is very hard to see because I read the articles and understand that information, but there is more information that points against the information in these articles. I learn a lot about taxes through my dad who is the founder and CEO of a small company in Colorado. His views on taxation are very similar to mine and I suspect this is because he raised me to see things as he does. To say the top 1% of Americans don’t pay enough taxes is incorrect in my opinion because they are paying for the money they make though investments just not as directly as a payroll tax. I’m not as knowledgable about the subject as my dad is, but I’m trying to understand it all more.