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    Since this is a community health class and it is online—it is hard for students to actually have “field” experiences. They are almost doing a hypothetical intervention and not actually implementing it. I think […]

    • It might be interesting to explore existing social media apps such as Instagram as an option for this project, there are whole communities of folks on Instagram who use it as a fitness motivator as well as a resource for sharing healthy eating habits . here are some examples: http://bit.ly/1SG0qUE

    • Wow, this is a great idea and something I might modify for one of my courses. I really like that this is forcing the students to think in a different way and potentially creating something really useful. I agree with David that you will definitely want to provide some examples to really get the students thinking in the right direction. I also agree that it would be great to have the students evaluate each other and provide feedback to one another before you see the apps. I am a huge proponent of letting the students help each other and then allowing them to make changes before submitting something final. I feel like that is how a lot of things work in the “real world.” We often have peers evaluate things before we show the final product to our boss so I like to think of this and utilize it in the classroom when possible.