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    Asian Pears: The Hypoallergenic Fruit

    Did you now that pears are the only fruit allowed on elimination diets used to test allergy sufferers¹?

    Antioxidant quercetin is present in the skin, similar to […]

    • I have never tried asian pear before. I might try to incorporate it into my diet now. I like how you put the structure into your post.

    • Wow, the fact Asian Pear’s have the potential to combat cancer and heart disease, AND serve as a good fruit source for diabetics, is impressive in itself. If they have these hidden benefits, I wonder why more people aren’t eating them… Do you think that although they are good for one’s health, they just aren’t up to snuff in comparison to other fruits?

    • Hey!

      I also have not tried Asian pears before . It is interesting to now know that pears are the only fruit allowed on elimination diets to test allergy sufferers. I loved all the great health benefits you included:)

    • Your blog on Asia Pears was very imformative to read. Is it only specifically the Asian Pear that is hypoallergenic?

    • That’s interesting that it acts as an anti-inflammatory and how its important to not leave out the pulp. This recipe looks very delicious I might actually try it out. Great information.

    • I really enjoyed reading your blog! What specifically about asian pears helps in fighting cancer? The maple crisp looked so delicious that I must try it for myself.

    • Wow, I hadn’t even been aware that there was such a thing a hypoallergenic food. Pretty cool, I will definitely be recommending pears to my cousin who has a lot of food sensitivity. The information that you included about selecting pears–how to recognize the characteristics of a ripe asian pear–were very interesting and helpful, I always struggle with that when I shop.
      I’ve always wondered why Asian pears and European pears are so different. Asian pears in many ways seem more similar to apples than they do to their counterparts, in shape and texture, do you know why this is?

    • That recipe looks amazing. I can’t wait to try!

    • I think your blog is very insightful, and appealing to the eye. I did not realize that there was a pear that looked like an apple, I always thought that they were that one certain shape. Before this assignment I did not realize all of the health benefits associated with fruits.

    • I liked that your blog on asian pears had some great facts in it, I never knew it was a hypoallergenic fruit. I think I will try them next time I go grocery shopping.