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  • Clinical Integration Presentation

  • Thinking back on my 1st year in PT school, I can say that I’m proud of how much I accomplished. I didn’t get much of a break after my senior year of undergrad and felt kind of burnt out starting grad school, but I […]

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    I agree with you on that honesty and altruism are very important values to have as a physical therapist. Altruism was one of my top values too. It makes sense why altruism is such a common value among physical therapists since we care so much about helping people get better and live pain free lives.

  • During a professional development course in my first year of PT school, we completed an activity that ranked a list of personal values to determine which 3 values were most important to me. I found that my top 3 […]

    • Emir –
      This is another insightful post. Your description of when you hold back vs fully engage in a values based discussion is telling. Having the ability to assess your audience and the situation accurately is key to adapting to the needs of your patient. It is worthwhile to size up the risks and benefits of a values based conversation and then decide how to respond. You may find some patient situations / conversations that justify sharing your thoughts even when they are in conflict with those of your patient. However, in casual conversation I would agree totally that a restrained approach and a tone of neutrality is key!
      Good work!

  • My personalty type is classified as Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving (ISFP).  My focus on dealing with issues is based on an internal system of how I feel about those issues. Secondarily, I would use my 5 […]

    • Emir – Your post demonstrates that you have given thought to and have an understanding of your preferences. It also provides the reader insight into who you are. Thanks for a thoughtful reflection.