• That’s so great that this class has helped you understand what forgiving is about. My mom always said forgiveness is not for the person who did you wrong its for yourself. So, that you won’t enter those dark […]

  • Wow, seems like a pretty hectic but awesome week for you. I hope it was great and everything you expected. Sorry, you couldn’t hang with your grandparents, but hopefully you were able to have quality with your […]

  • So, as we all know today was Easter or better known as Resurrection Day, where Jesus got up from the cross with all power in His right hand. Every time this holiday comes around I get so excited because I am […]

  • As, we approach the end of the semester many of us are starting to lose energy or motivation to finish off strong. Well, this post is just going to be some words of encouragement that have been helping me push […]

  • So, as I read this I laughed cause I’m like wow she wants millions of animals??!! Lol, I barely like the dog I have, he’s only a puppy but he’s so dang hard head. But anyways, that has nothing to do with what you […]

  • Wow, that is really awesome that you have been able to experience this. Not only that but at the fact you were so open minded in this situation, you realized although you’re over the students you can still learn […]

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    So, this week I just want to get this issue that happened off my chest. Now, for those reading its not anything bad or monstrous, its actually kind of petty. But I just want to use this blog post to talk about it, […]

  • You absolutely nailed it!! FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE ALMOST DONE!! I’m just so glad because I’m ready to go home and work so I can prepare for next year. But you’re right we need to remember our goals and why we came […]

  • Honestly, you’re a monster lol. I have no boyfriends silly! It’s just me single and ready to mingle.

  • I totally agree with you. I’m just looking at how many loans I will have to take out now for next semester just to cover for some of my tuition. I personally don’t think its fair that college is so expensive […]

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    Oh wow, that’s so cool. The first scripture that comes to mind for me about fear is 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God did not give us a spirit of fear but of Power, Love, and a Sound Mind.” So, just remember that when you […]

  • Honestly, I commend you on your successful long distance relationship. However, I do have a question. Have you ever thought about just calling it quits and you know exploring and having fun in college with others? […]

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    So, as you all know everyone of Galligan’s classes had to do the LifeBoat exercise. Well, because it was so stressful I just want to talk about it in my blog for this week. Now these are my options, choices, and […]

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    Wow!! I totally feel you. Like my first semester really showed me I was not in high school anymore and I had to step up my game. What I’ve done in trying to pull up my GPA this semester is lessen my work load so I […]

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    I totally agree with you! I know your stress is real, I have an associate who just applied to the nursing problem for the second time and she is so stressed out about getting in this go round!!! I just want to say […]

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    So, this past weekend I went home because I had to speak for Youth Day at my church. Which by the way it went very well, I’ll possibly make a blog about that and how it went, but for now I want to talk about the […]

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    So, Monday I had Lifeline (Bible Study) in the Rams Lounge in the commons. One of the ladies from the church called The Life Church in Richmond was speaking that day, because she is a good friend of Aaron who is […]

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    I definitely understand why you don’t like group work. It is not my favorite type of schoolwork, because PEOPLE NEVER WANT TO DO THEIR PART OF THE WORK. Nothing pisses me off more, than someone in a group who […]

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    Wow, so mine is kind of the opposite of yours. I realized I could not do my homework all the time in my room, because I would want to hope in my bed and fall asleep. So, instead I’d have to work in the study […]

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    How I define what is a good conversation to me or not is by if the end of the conversation I have either learned something, or walked away with a new outlook on certain topic. In good conversations I like to have […]

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