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    When I read things about the millennial generation, I usually try to distance myself cognitively from that group because I am barely in the range most agree upon and more often than not the resources portray […]

    • You might be interested in this article: https://www.jisc.ac.uk/inform-feature/the-death-of-the-digital-native-23-feb-2016 which argues against the digital native/immigrant paradigm and delves into the visitors and residents model which is a framework for exploring how people engage with technology and the web. While this will probably not help you with sorting through the glut of resources you have, it might help you to think through how you engage with the different spaces and tools you mentioned in your post.

    • The first step is admitting you have a (information overload) problem…

      I’ve come to believe that the environment is constantly shifting and so I’ll never quite get it “right” and I’ll always be in perpetual beta with respect to my information workflow. For bookmarking and saving resources, right now, I rock with Dropbox, Diigo and Feedly right now (mostly), but for some, that combination would prove outrageous. I know lots and lots of people that find Evernote super useful, but I’ve just never managed to work it into my workflow. I am, though, constantly looking for ways to work smarter, not harder.

    • I enjoyed reading your post because it made me realize that I was not alone in hoarding resources and cluttering all sorts of information and never having the time to go back and read them in depth! It seems that I’m not alone in this state of constant catching up game and prioritizing our daily workload. Once again thanks for sharing.

      • A few years back it wasn’t so bad, but once my wife and I had our first son my personal study time went out the window and I just started saving everything I came across with hopes of eventually finding time! I guess technology has made it even easier for anyone to write articles, ebooks, podcasts, etc. which makes it even more challenging to stay current

    • Dan John is great! I would love to bring him to RVA some day…

      The coaching opportunity that brought me to RVA was an assistant role where the head coach was from OH and knew Louie, was even offered a spot on his pro team a few years back. I was able to learn a lot while training and working with him!