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    I met with my group today via appear.in, and I have to say, it was really great to talk to people.  Somehow talking gets to the chase so much more efficiently.  I’m not sure if my first post parlayed my feeling […]

    • Talk about “other ways of knowing.” I’m curious how you will come to terms with the differences between your experiences in a face-to-face class and now online. I’m curious for my own knowledge needs.

    • It was great meeting with you, Jody! I enjoyed having time to talk.

      I did have some tech glitches using appear.in from home. For a while, until I moved closer to my router, I kept losing the connection. And we had some brief freezing, but overall it was fine. Nice tool! I did notice that it was occasionally difficult to signal who would speak next. Maybe just a bit bumpier than it would be in person. Is it more important in a video chat to have someone who’s directing the conversation?

      Enoch, it seems to me it’s vital to understand that the online class is a new and different entity, and not just a 1:1 translation of in-person content to online material. Some stuff doesn’t work that way. And I think a mechanism for check-ins will be vital as well.

      • Ah, you’re right now that you mention it. The signal for who would speak next would be really great. Raising hands? Don’t some online video chats have a button you can press when you want to speak that creates and icon on the screen? Maybe when we meet in person I’ll distribute signs we can hold up to signal turns and a request for the ‘mic’. At one point, I was pointing to the person who hadn’t spoken yet (on the top right hand side of my screen) but then it crossed my mind that maybe not everyone was organized the same way on every screen.

    • Great to hear that you had a good conversation with your team. Keep in mind that there are a variety of means of establishing presence by connecting with students and enabling them to connect with each other. A great example is what you just did with your group…