• So we are almost up to date on my story. Basically as I mentioned in the last post she just took away the trash can. So I just went out and bought one. This made no sense to me because now she definitely has to […]

  • Well since the semester is nearing very fast I am going to try to sum everything up in the next blog or two. I will probably be pretty general, because if I gave all the details I would probably make another 5 or […]

  • I was not very happy with my scheduling either. I had all my classes ready to submit at 8 AM but when I hit register I had already been closed out of 2 very important classes. I didn’t get into my electrical e […]

  • **Alright I have decided to make these posts a bit longer because I want to fit everything in before the end of the semester and I noticed some people are following along (tysm), so I apologize if they are a bit […]

  • I definitely relate to your post. I tend to procrastinate towards the end of the week because I feel like my brain literally needs a break. Also this UNIV paper and presentation is stressing me out because I feel […]

  • jonesca25 commented on the post, Forgetfulness, on the site UNIV 111 and 112 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    I can relate to this so much. I don’t really tend to forget about assignments unless I have a lot on my plate, because I have a lot of anxiety about my grades. But I forget almost everything else. I always f […]

  • jonesca25 commented on the post, Favorite Season, on the site UNIV 111 & 112 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    I definitely agree that spring is a great season. The weather is usually a great in between where it is not too hot or cold. However I have really bad allergies, which is pretty much the only reason I don’t like s […]

  • It sounds like you are going to have a really busy summer, and I can definitely relate to that. My parents want me to come home and work full time during the week, however my boyfriend lives about 40 minutes in […]

  • (continued) Obviously this upset me, but I knew deep down that she didn’t genuinely know me as a person. I decided to turn on a movie to pass time because I can’t sleep if there is a lot of noise. I started […]

  • Let’s fast forward a few weeks. Not much had happen in the beginning of the semester other than some awkward exchanges. At this point I had given up trying to be friends or make conversation because it was clear […]

  • I definitely agree that money makes the world go around. Personally, I have no desire to be rich or famous, I just want a job that provides me with enough money to be comfortable. I hope to just make enough to not […]

  • It was move in day and I was very excited to start decorating the place. I had no idea what my roommate had in mind, so I bought things that were pretty basic. Our lease started the first of August so I moved my […]

  • Through out this semester I have been debating on whether or not I should write about this. I thought about making sort of a “series” telling the story of my current roommate from move in until now. However, I did […]

  • jonesca25 commented on the post, My favorite spot., on the site Univ. 111-112 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    I love going to the movies too! I can agree that it is a kind of distraction that can get you away from reality. Especially when you are really stressed or upset it is good to get away from all of that. My […]

  • This will definitely help me for this upcoming summer. This year at VCU I met a guy and we started dating right away. We just instantly clicked and have spent most of the days out of the week together. However, […]

  • jonesca25 wrote a new post, Taxing the Wealthy, on the site UNIV 111 & 112 12 months ago

    Today in class we talked about the idea of taxing the wealthy heavier than others, so that the rich can help the poor. Throughout the class discussion I had so many conflicting ideas. Immediately when we are asked […]

  • jonesca25 commented on the post, How I miss being a kid, on the site Univ 111 and 112 12 months ago

    I can agree with this a lot I really do miss being a kid and having no obligations, but don’t we all? All I focused on was what show I was going to watch when I got home and if my friends would play club penguin […]

  • jonesca25 commented on the post, The horror of Grades, on the site UNIV 111 & 112 12 months ago

    I agree SO much with this. I feel like I am such a hard working person. Give me homework, I will do it early. Give me a project and I will pour my heart and soul into it. But when it comes to exams I seem to […]

  • jonesca25 wrote a new post, plans for the weekend, on the site UNIV 111 & 112 1 year ago

    I am very excited for this weekend, more often than others. Not just because I don’t have class or any schoolwork, but because I have a lot of things planned. My parents had bought Nationals baseball tickets for […]

  • jonesca25 wrote a new post, finding balance, on the site UNIV 111 & 112 1 year ago

    This year has been a very challenging one for me in very many different aspects. Adjusting to college was not very difficult for me until I realized that I did not have very much time in a day. So like most […]

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