• How has construction in Richmond affected the environment in times past? (Basic)
    Has construction been linked to excess air pollution, noise pollution, and/or other forms of pollution? (Basic)
    What are […]

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    Lock: I found it interesting that the two articles were published on the same day about the same topic and held similar viewpoints on the transgressions that took place and the topic at hand. Do you think that […]

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    Lock: I found the paragraph explaining that one perk about college is that it you have the opportunity to debate with peers about topics and subjects very interesting, especially the part about how the classroom […]

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    Lock: “Outside, beyond the store’s threshold, a streetscape is being reinvented. Broken is becoming new” (Small). Are family owned businesses being threatened with the coming of the new. Why do people fancy the b […]

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    Lock: “By the time the Gulf War started, the Pentagon had developed access policies that drew on press restrictions used in the U.S. wars…” (Deghett). The infringement upon the freedom of the press has been […]

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    Lock: In the scene of School’s Out by Storycorps where the narrator just witnessed his beloved school being demolished, the animated narrator’s face drops as does the narrator’s tone of voice. The combination of h […]

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    Lock: According to definition, the wilderness is a region of uncultivated and uninhabited land, but according to William Cronon, the wilderness is in fact cultivated and inhabited by our own human perceptions and […]

  • Lock: With the discovery of radium, people flocked to the idea of the substance becoming “…a replacement for electric lighting” (Redniss 61). Despite the desire for the element, the Curies declined all offers to […]

    • Kristen,
      You’re on the right track here. For your lock, I think it might help to tie your question more specifically to the reading than presenting a philosophical question. For example, you might want to focus your question on whether Redniss’ text compels readers to think about the link between personal motivation and societal advancement. For your key, I think it would help to explain what you think the link between science and art is and how Redniss specifically addresses. Finally, be sure to keep your key to no longer than 2 sentences.

  • Lock: The first two chapters of Radioactive by Lauren Redniss focus on the early lives of Marie and Pierre Curie, highlighting the similarities and differences in their academic careers, aspirations, familial […]

  • I chose badminton birdies as my packaged product, because through analyzing my daily packaged product usage, I determined that I used that packaged product more often than I consciously was aware of. Not to […]

  • In the end, Focused Inquiry I did turn out to be similar to what Eliana Avery stated in her piece, What is Focused Inquiry?. Focused Inquiry is anything but “just another English class” as I first thought. […]

  • The focus of our essay is to focus on one of the many “little” things that we tend to overlook, or dismiss, daily. Do you think that by analyzing this “little” thing you have to come to understand yourself and […]

  • I found it interesting that the article author took a neutral stance in discussing the Maine Lobster Festival and the treatment of lobsters. I like how the narrative was structured. The author brought up the Maine […]

  • When clicking to enlarge the image, the horizontal pictures enlarge with the proper orientation, and the vertical picture enlarge sideways.

  • George Perec’s Approaches to What? written in 1973 is an ode to all of the simple things in life that we seem to overlook. Humanity seemingly has become used to reporting only the big events that occur both […]

  • I found that What’s in a Package was a very interesting read. I loved the all of the figurative language and the unique interpretations of packages and what they really mean for the marketing industry. I never […]

  • I actually quite enjoyed writing the Unit 2 paper. I have always enjoyed creative writing, so it was quite fun to create the characters for the story and the setting in which the characters interacted. After the […]

  • “Whew,” exhaled Jess as she plopped down onto a rickety wooden bench, casually flinging her soccer gear down next to her.

    “What a practice, right?” queried a tall blonde lass with toned calf muscles, who bou […]

  • To be completely honest, I am both disturbed and intrigued by Bloodchild by Octavia Butler. The concept of speculative fiction and the topics she incorporated were interesting. The narrative was like no other […]

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