• ThumbnailEat a Fig, Save an Eye: Nature’s Natural Glasses by Kadeja Coleman

    The fig can help fight vision loss and keep sight sharp, especially as we get older!

    ~Amazing Source of Dietary Fiber~
    *Eat figs to get the […]

    • I loved your blog! It was well researched and very informative. I especially liked how you demonstrated the versatility of figs. Your blog not only outlined the many possible benefits of consuming figs, but it also made them more approachable. In the past I’ve been hesitant with figs because I find their sweet flavor intense, but now that I know that they can prevent vision problems, which are common in my family, I might give them another go. I’m going to take your advice and try to incorporate them into my diet more often, figs with oatmeal sounds tasty.

    • I’ve never tried this fruit but your blog makes me want to give it a taste. My vision has been a little weary lately and maybe something like figs would benefit me.I like the how you went into details about carotenoids.

    • Wow! I has no idea figs could help prevent against vision loss, or that they helped diabetics need less insulin! I will definitely tell my friend who had diabetes about this

    • Great blog title, it really drew me in. There is a fig tree by my house and one of my housemates made me try it. I will be honest I wasn’t a huge fan, but I may try the cake recipe!

    • I love eating figs, however I had no idea that the leaves were so good for you. Next time I eat one I am going to try a leaf. Your recipes look great!

    • First, I liked your title! Super eye catching. Also I liked how you used color throughout your blog for different titles and information and your pictures were well chosen (the ones that would at least show up for me). I can’t say I like figs, but your recipe for fig spice cake doesn’t seem to bad!

    • I don’t think that I’ve ever eaten a raw fig, but I definitely want to try them. It sounds like they’re great for vision, and look like a good addition to cereal

    • I can’t say I have ever eaten a fig, at least I don’t think I have. The recipe you posted makes them looking yummy however. Also, it is great that they help prevent vision lost.

    • I think that many people have not eaten figs, like myself. I did give a fig tree to my boyfriend’s mom, and she now enjoys fresh figs. With all their health benefits I want to try them.

    • Really good blog! I liked learning that there are 300 different types of figs, who knew. I would like to try figs because I never have, but my dad’s family is Lebanese and they are always giving figs to other people as gifts (? not sure why).

    • My eyesight has never been the greatest so I am always looking for ways help improve it. I’ve never tried figs but I LOVE oatmeal and it would be interesting to try something to spruce it up since I eat it every morning. Good idea I will be trying soon!

    • I’ve never really heard much about figs or eat them before so I really liked how you formatted your blog with colors to intrigue readers. I really want to try figs now after learning that figs prevent vision loss, as well as, keeping our sight sharp! I have 20/20 vision so I’d like to maintain that for as long as possible!!