• I can’t believe that I have been taking this class for the past year. It was definitely a good experience and I feel like I learned a lot. I’m really glad that my teacher was Micol. I learned a lot more than I […]

    • I too feel like I learned a lot from taking this class. I had no idea what to expect on the first day of class, but I can honestly say that this has been one of my favorite classes. Speaking in front of an audience has never been one of the things that I am good at, but I feel this class has really helped me to overcome this.

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    I loved this essay because of the way that you tied them all together in the conclusion. I feel like this is a difficult thing to do, but you did it really well and just kind of brought everything back together.

  • I love that you started the essay with a question. It was a really good way to capture the readers attention. I definitely thought that you wrote this really well and the way that you organized it was super cohesive.

  • I really like the way that you wrote this last essay. From the beginning it is really captivating and It caught my attention from the start. The way that you tied all of them together at the end was really well thought out too.

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    I really like the way that you described each of the approaches, and the evidence that you used to support each of the strategies. Overall I think this essay was really well written and supported

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    Your essay is really interesting and I think the way that you brought the different purposes back to your thesis was really cohesive.

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    The Purpose of Education and Ethical Approaches

    Starting as children, individuals are encouraged to immerse themselves into the system of Education. Education is one of the most debated and talked about aspects […]

    • Great way to finish up strong on the final Unit lll essay. I am very proud and satisfied with the hard work and dedication you’ve put into your work!

    • Great essay to read. I liked how for every strategy, you provided strong and relatable examples. Made your argument that much stronger.

    • Similar to hammy, I liked the examples you used. I loved your strong ending. However the transition seemed too repetitive caused they followed the same cookie cutter theme. Although this did not take away from the entire essay it disassociated me , a bit.

  • While being in Focused Inquiry, I’ve learned a lot. I think there are many things that can be seen as valuable in this class. We were encouraged to think broadly and to think critically about all of the things we […]

  • This post was anything but boring and I was definitely entertained when I read it. I think that the virtue approach is a really good one. The fact that people can (and do) think about how things affect other people is really important in today’s world.

  • I think it’s really interesting how you said that in different situations, you would be more inclined to resonate with a certain strategy. I definitely think that the virtue and justice approach are super valid strategies as well. Always being considerate of things/people/feelings is a really good way of looking at the virtuous approach.

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    I think your example is really spot on. I also think that it is always important to respect someone’s basic rights no matter what the dilemma/argument is.

  • The ethical reasoning strategy that resonates most with me is the Virtue approach. This approach seems the most right to me because it has the person making the decision actively thinking about what the morally […]

    • You make a great point on why the virtue approach is important. Some people take advantage of the importance of being an virtuous person. I’m glad that I know if I lose my money I would have the opportunity to get it back because of an virtuous person like you!

    • I also believe that the virtue approach is a very important way to go about different situations. If you evaluate your morals and stick to them, then you will always feel right about your decisions. Your example was great because it shows that you had an internal struggle when deciding what to do with the money, but in the end you stood by your morals and did what was right.

    • The virtue approach is definitely super important, and I agree that you should always stick with your morals when you are in a situation. I really liked your example because even though a lot of people probably would have kept the money, but you realized you would be going against your virtues and what you believe if you did.

    • That example of a virtuous approach to a situation perfectly describes what the proper thing to do, and if everyone made a conscious effort to be virtuous, I think society would advance.

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    Effort is something that should be visible in every aspect of a person’s life. I think that honesty is another really important trait, because without it relationships wouldn’t be able to be built. Your last trait that you listed is definitely one that should be valued a lot. Dedication is something that makes people successful in life and it is…[Read more]

  • I think that choosing bravery as one of your traits was interesting. Bravery is something that I would without a doubt, consider a significant trait. Being able to take risks without over-thinking the outcome is something that I think is crucial in success. I completely agree with your second trait and what you described as being persistent.…[Read more]

  • I think the way that you described curiosity was spot-on. I definitely think that being curious about something can stay in your mind until you’ve experienced/gained it. I think the example that you used with the Marimo was interesting (I’ve always wanted one but every plant that I own dies), and the way that you incorporated a personal experience…[Read more]

  • The three traits that I consider to be vital and very significant are hard working, passionate, and persistent. First of all, to be a hard worker means to have a strong work ethic. It also means that a person is […]

    • I too think these three traits are significant and vital. I learned to be hard working and persistent from my 12 years of gymnastics. Without these traits I would not be who I am today. I always put my heart into everything I do and do not stop until I am happy with the results. In my school experience to be persistent and hard working were encouraged otherwise we would be left behind. I agree that passion and creativity are left out of schools and society as well. The focus is more on how smart you are, and I think that schools need to allow students to have more of a variety of courses so that they can find what they are passionate about so that they may pursue it even further.

    • I respect that you wrote about have a hard working quality. With basketball it takes a lot of hard work to get better. Having the ability to work hard everyday and stand out with that attitude is definitely something that people underestimate. I also love that you talked about being passionate because that is a virtue that I value in my life. I’m very passionate about my dreams and what I want to do in life. Great blog post!

    • I also agree that the K-12 schooling has an influence on being persistant. But for me, they did not teach me to be hard working. I think that has to come from yourself. When I was interested in something I was learning in school I would always pay attention and do well in the subject. My interest would help motivate me to learn. I also agree that society does not motivate you to be creative. Everything is so structured in school and it is hard to explore your mind.

    • I agree that having passion for what you do is extremely important. How can one go through life doing something they don’t enjoy? Those who have a passion for what they do live happier more fulfilling lives.

    • I agree with you on the fact that teachers and students should be more open to be creative. I think it is one of the most important things to have, and makes you not like everyone else. Teachers definitely should support students more who think outside of the box. Being hard-working is also important because it could lead to you being very successful.

    • Hard work and persistence are very valuable traits to have, and are especially difficult to have constantly running. I can only imagine what it must have been like to see your peers ignore the value of creativity, something you clearly have a passion for. After reading your post, I definitely respect your passions and wonder if that is what fueled your adamant and hard working personality.

    • We share similar qualities in which we see as the most important traits to have. I truly believe that passion is not recognized as valuable, and I am happy to say that you understand that. In my opinion, it should be of the highest importance. Hopefully, the education system will be reformed, so kids have the option to follow their passion despite the outcome of money.

    • I definitely agree with the fact that schools pay way more attention to teaching students to be hardworking rather than finding what they’re passionate about. If teachers taught students to find their passion, then they probably wouldn’t even need to teach how to be hardworking because that comes naturally when you love doing something.

    • I really enjoyed reading your post because I can seriously relate to it. Schools these days seem to skip over the students who choose to follow their passions, so long as they aren’t related to maths or sciences.

  • Previous to this class, I heard that we would have to create a blog. I didn’t really know what this entailed, but I was sort of reluctant. When someone says “blogging,” I immediately think of someone writing and […]

  •             Technology is a huge world that travels further than just computers and iPhones. Almost everything around us is a form of technology. The pans that we use to cook with, the cars that drive us to […]

  • This is my group’s (Sulav, Elena, Rawa, and I’s) source conversation essay for our Focused Inquiry class!



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