• Do you think that something like Bolzano’s solution to their monument problem could be implemented effectively with/on Richmond’s Monument Avenue Confederate statues?  Why or why not?

    There are cultural and […]

  • Write up a 400-word proposal for your ethically-reasoned solution to the problem.

    Solution: The way that this issue could be tackled is reforming the way monetary resources are being used in prisons. […]

  • “What solutions to the problem have been proposed in the past?”

    Movements have been created to spark reform prisons and the rights of the people in them: all on the national, state, and local level. When exa […]

  • “How did we get here? In other words, what is the history and cultural/social context of your problem? Who are the stakeholders?”

    When it comes to how educational programs should be dealt with in state pri […]

  • kimmmolina wrote a new post, Chunk #1, on the site Kim Making It Possible 4 weeks ago

    What is the problem that needs to be solved?
    It’s difficult to come back from a mistake one made. Individuals who are in the prison system have to face the consequences to their actions and even after their time […]

  • Have fun with my personal take on “the City and the City” Instagram assignment!

  • Social class impacts a person in many ways. It is important to note that social class does not stand on its own: politics, economics, and many more categories intertwine with social class.

    As a child, one is […]

  • kimmmolina wrote a new post, Trust, on the site Kim Making It Possible 2 months ago

    Own definition of “Trust”
    Trust is when someone believes the actions or statement of another thing (person, book, etc.) without any doubt or minimal questioning of it.
    Most to Least “Trust” in the City and the […]

  • kimmmolina wrote a new post, ICA, on the site Kim Making It Possible 2 months ago

    Thoughts on the “YOU BELONG HERE” sign
    At first, I thought this sign was directed at VCU Students since not everyone is from the Richmond area and so it’s like a call to them. However, knowing the history of the […]

  •  How is the border between Beszel and Ul Qoma more of a mental border as opposed to a physical border and where do similar borders like this exist in the real world?
    Beszel and Ul Qoma have established that […]

  • kimmmolina wrote a new post, Real Talk, on the site Kim Making It Possible 2 months ago

    How does Borlu’s dialogue differ from the book and the film?
    Within the first 10 minutes of the series which opens up with the original scene of the crime, one can notice the differences between the way and the […]

  • In an age where technology continues to provide easier access to information, when it comes to surveillance it did its job too well. In times of a terrorist attack, it is difficult to warn officials of who to […]

  • Orciny is real in the minds of the people both in Beszel and Ul Qoma, something that unites the two cities.  There is no physical proof that Orciny is a real place due to the fact that there are no previous […]

  • Environmental racism is real and anyone who thinks otherwise could fight me, to be honest. There is a bevy of scientific research that shows correlations between the quality of lifestyle in POC communities and the […]

  • ” Urban schools have become islands of wealth amid a sea of poverty.” – Davarian L. Baldwin pg.49

    When it comes to universities located in urban cities, there are many disadvantages to those not involved in […]

  • Hypothetically, if I was in the unfortunate circumstance where I have to stay in East Berlin during the Cold War, I would have much to consider. If I was living with my family while the Stazi had its powerful hold […]

  • Hawai`i has a long history that was based on the love of a family, a collective community, and the adoration of the land as an entity. However, due to the colonization of the land in the 1900s, the meaning of […]

  • Individuals receive their news content from a wide range of sources: either online or in person through the traditional newspaper. However more turn to the more digital side, for convenience or for the benefit of […]

  • kimmmolina wrote a new post, Idioma, on the site Kim Making It Possible 6 months ago

    The article, Student’s Right to Their Own Language,  focuses on the topic of language in the classroom. As time passes by, the United States has been more and more inhabited by people from all over the world, add […]

  • For my comparison piece on the Tell Me How It Ends Essay #2 assignment, I chose the rally Trump gave at Kentucky this past Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2018. Posted on YouTube by the official GOP channel, I watched the e […]

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