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    A hot and controversial topic is whether athletes are paid too much. In the article, they mention that in the Major Baseball League, a team is about $67.6 million and that makes about $2.7 million per team […]

  • Michael Jordan’s Jordans have caused some controversy for years and it’s not just because of the shoes. Due to the small amount of shoes, customers are almost willing to what ever it takes to grab a pair. […]

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    Homeschooling has always been an issue as there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages. There’s also a lot of ways to go about homeschooling so it really is different depending on the family/learning style. I […]

  • Corporal punishment in schools has been occurring for some time now but some parents believe that it should be implemented in more states. As of April 2015, there are nineteen states that use corporal punishment […]

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    In the article, the author believes that the minimum legal drinking age should NOT be lowered. They listed 6 very good and clear reasons as to why the legal drinking age should still be at twenty one years old. […]

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    The pledge of allegiance has always been a huge topic as it includes the phrase “under God.” Many people believe that by including that phrase, it goes against the principle of separation between church and sta […]

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    Affirmative action is a policy that allows minorities to not face discrimination. There has been quite a few cases against affirmative action as people believed that its an “outdated, ineffective, and unfair” pol […]

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    As the LGBTQ+ community is growing rapidly in the United States, people are becoming more and more opened to their gender identity. It’s not only adults who are opening up but children as well. States like C […]

  • In Virginia, students in grades three to twelve have to take a form of standardized tests called the Virginia SOL’s. Other forms of standardized tests include Advanced Placement (AP) tests, Scholastic Assessment T […]

  • Charlie Sheen is such an iconic person in the Hollywood world as he has done so much crazy things, his whole reputation is not the best. Sheen gained a lot of popularity back on the T.V show Two and a Half men and […]

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    Homelessness is a huge situation that is rapidity growing in the United States. By adding a law to make homelessness illegal, it seems very absurd as most people cannot control whether or not they are homeless. […]

  • School and suicides have always been a controversial topic as education is an important factor to a child’s growth. Although it is important, sometimes people tend to forget that students themselves are very […]

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    The trolley problem is an experiment which tests out different forms of ethics. In this experiment, the audience is given a situation in which there is a trolley car going down a path with five people in its way. […]

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    Implementing music into classes has been a topic that is slowly rising. Music has a way of portraying stories/spreading messages while having a catchy melody/beat. I believe that music should be used in classrooms […]

  • For my unit one paper, I started out with a rough outline. This included how many paragraphs that I was planning to do and the overall topic of each paragraphs. I created the rough outline around two weeks prior […]

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    In the “Perks of Being an Outsider,” the author talks about how those who choose to not to conform to society tends to be rejected. The quote given in the article states that “The nail that sticks up will be […]

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    I know, my blog looks pretty boring. It’s a simple white background with a large capitalized header that says “KP15” followed with a tag line of “STEP BY STEP, WORD BY WORD.” What is “KP15?” This may sound even […]