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    The interview I did was with my classmate Michael and we it was conducted via Google Docs.

    (Me): As you reflect on these last 4 to 5 weeks’ of course work, which one(s) of the Artful Thinking and/or Tishman, […]

    • Michael, it’s good to know that you “get” the distinction between thinking dispositions and thinking routines! It’s heartening to note that you’ve learned quite a bit that I hope is transferable to multiple contexts in your life. The words you use are definitely important and be more mindful of your written words. Your sentences tend to run a bit long…E.g. this sentence:

      I would hope that having a better understanding of how to articulate my words so that others can understand where I am coming from can have a drastic effect on how people react to me, because to be honest sometimes how I come across is not how I am actually feeling and I think that one of the most important things that I can take away from this course.

    • Kristen, feedback to your reflect5 is available on Michael’s blog: http://rampages.us/sharmamd/2015/07/13/power-reflection-week-5/#comment-82