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    • I love that you compare Diversity to so many things! Each thing has its’ connections to diversity. My favorite is the Fruit Salad-it’s all fruit but together they make something greater than itself as an individual.

    • Olivia, that is what you are supposed to have done. Take the concept and visualize it using multiple metaphors. The examples I gave in Module 6 provided some level of expectations:

      Create sketchnotes to visualize metaphors for ONE of the following concepts: learning, diversity, technology, college life.
      Don’t worry about your drawing. Just do it. Brad Ovenell Carter has interesting sketchnotes on Google+ and Pinterest.
      See examples for change, trust, danger by Sacha Chua.

      Kristen, it’s a good effort, and the feedback I give is to help nudge or direct you to a higher level of performance (of understanding). Not to minimalize your efforts.

    • I like how you only used short phrases. I thought that it really let the metaphors and drawings speak for themselves. I would have never put diversity and a river together!

    • Thanks for adding more details and a metaphor!