• In an ideal class, I have faith in my students to be able to create great things and experience a deeper learning of others’ perspectives through this module. I would love to hand them the assignment, e […]

    • Having taught middle school, yes, I think it is possible for pre-teens to at least improve their self-regulation. You are on target when you wrote that the new behaviors would have to be practiced often. When I have worked with students with learning disabilities typically a structure is given to the student and then it is tweaked and slowly withdrawn as the student masters the new skill. Student buy-in can sometimes be elusive. SRL is definitely not something we can mention once or twice and just expect secondary school students to just “do”.

      • Thank you for your insight, Lisa. I can definitely see some of my students getting it right away. I spoke with my daughter who is a freshman in college and she is very organized. She has shown examples of srl throughout high school and into her college life. I asked her the other day when she figured out that she became aware that she self-monitored her education in the form of keeping a calendar, working with due dates for assignments and sequencing what was most important to finish in which order. She stated that perhaps late 8th grade and definitely once she was a freshman in high school. I believe we can definitely introduce the concept and practice it a lot in the 7th grade, but I feel mastery of it will not come until a little later.

    • I agree that it is something that must be taught and reinforced repeatedly in order for them to master it. I do believe that one of the reasons your daughter mastered it early on was because you taught her to do it and to me that is the key. If a student is in a home where independence and self regulation is taught and encouraged and absolutely reinforced then they get it. Unfortunately, I do not believe in our current society that is what is being taught. I do think that many families are teaching students that it is up to the teacher and the school system to keep them on track and regulate everything for them. Just my thoughts………

    • I think it would be possible for younger students to begin to become SRL. I am not sure, but would think the individual skills necessary to become a SRL could be introduced at a young age that then build and reinforced as the student moves through grade levels. Maybe work on specific study skills that build success and move on from there?

    • First of all, I love your idea about modeling self reflection by discussing with the students how you reflect on your job based on their assessments, conversations etc. I think it is always beneficial (no matter age or level) to learn by watching.

      I agree it needs to be taught and I am increasingly interested in learning how to do so (especially with the possibility of PHS going 1 to 1 next year). I think self regulated learning is important to instill in all of our students, no matter their level or the type of educational setting and it’s something that students should continually practice until it’s mastered. The question is however 1. how do we go about that? and 2. where do we find the time to do so with the pressures of SOLs etc.?