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    1. Were there any demonstrations that took place against segregation in Richmond?


    2. Did any public businesses or services fight against the idea of intergration?


    3. How did […]

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    Lock: With so much progress in 2017 why is there so much resistance  against taking the confederated flags and monuments down? Are those in support of the confederate flags and statues participating in an act of […]

  • Story board of the videos I need to collect this weekend

    Voice over on Video talking about the community the life and atmosphere

    Music still yet undecided


  • Lock:   In a world where money circulates the world as the common language amongst people, are we as people able to risk our our lives for fame, glory and ,money? Even in this case does the photographer do go o […]

  • Throughout the modal adventure, It basically helped confirm my idea of my three modes of comm with more elaborate definitions and eye-opening thoughts. Ive considered my modes to be Linguistic, Aural, and Visual. […]

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    Lock: As time has progressed through the ages and stated by William Cronon the lines of nature and mythical expectation have become somewhat blurred into one another. Are we as individuals purposefully blurring […]

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    Lock: The title of chapters 7 and 8 are named “Isolation” and “Exposure”. With this book having so much do with her work experience and love it is hard to detail which of the two topics is being discussed with the […]

    • Micah,
      You’re getting close to some strong locks and keys here. I think your lock might benefit from some rewording so that you’re asking how chapter titles serve to influence audiences to focus on certain narratives or elements presented in a text. I think it might help to focus your key more on an analysis-based claim about the reading. Your key focuses more on summary than analysis. Consider reframing your key around the idea of the connections between one’s private and public lives. Also, be sure to include in-text citations in both your lock and key.

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    Lock: Being that Radioactive is based on the story of two Scientists and their scientific discoveries and love for one another, I question what is so significant about the artistic asthestics these book attempts […]

  • Throughout my time in my first semester of Focused inquiry I have learned and improved many skills not only just in my writing, but as well as my communication and ability to work with others. I came into Focused […]

  • In David Foster Wallace’s  “Consider the Lobsters”, Wallace examines the popularity of the Maine Lobster Festival and the craze for eating lobsters. Wallace includes information that not only depicts the process […]

  • Forbes, Alex. “13” Retina Macbook Pro (late 2013) – Buyer Review.” Al4. N.p., 20 Jan. 2014. Web. 16 Nov. 2016.

  • This paper honestly was a blast to write! I think initially getting to choose the topic we wanted to research and write a story about increased my interests in this paper. At first it was hard to single out a […]

  • To start off, I simply enjoyed “Bloodchild” by Octavia Butler it kept my attention with his out of this world storyline, obscure characters and their thought processes, and it easily relatable context to bigger […]

  • In Wednesdays class we took a brief glimpse into the writing of Roxanne Gay’s, “What We Hunger For” and what it means to determine reputable sources for our Unit Two paper. At first impressions Gay’s Article […]

  • With an assignment that involves typing up a paper, I was never one to create a list of thoughts or draw a think web to gather my ideas. Because I do not plan a pre- write, my rough draft is always just “winging i […]

  • The work by Walt Whitman, “Song of Myself” is a piece that jumps into the descriptive literary world where it not only portrays a story, but gives such keen details that it allows the reader to fully emerse […]

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    While in prison, Malcolm X did not sulk and complain about the conditions he was placed in, but instead thought of a way to change his life once he was let out. Do you believe that it is possible to reinvent […]

  • Throughout my childhood soccer has been something I have always kept close to my heart. Growing up with this remarkable sport I have truly evolved to the man I am today and without it I don’t know who I would be. […]

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    Hello all my name is Micah Livsey and I am from Lynchburg, Virginia. I am a soccer obsessed, food craving, social media addict . When I am not eating sushi as I scroll my Instagram feed, I’m usually traveling or […]

    • Hi Micah,

      I love sushi as well. Is there something specific about it that you really like? Would you consider it your favorite type of food?