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    I always felt like expressing complex emotions and rehashing memories, both bitter and sweet, would tremendously help a healing heart. There is something about being heart and understood. Sometimes all a person […]

    • I really like your thoughts and the way you describe about poetry being such a powering thing. Poems, any kind of them, are an excellent way to deal with your feelings to others in one of the most creative ways. I’ve written poems ever since I was younger, and it was a lot easier to express my emotions through that.. it seems to have more of an impact on whoever is citing or reading the poem.

    • Hey, I met you in the starbucks line. I’m glad I met you 20 minutes ago or I probably wouldn’t have seen this, nor would I have known about “Verses”. First off, your writing is beautiful and you communicate your feelings very well. It made me tear up a little to be honest, the severity and depth of honesty is so cleansing. You’re right – It’s such a liberating thing getting in touch with your feelings and the truth. I am truly looking forward to attending the open mic night with you in the future. Thanks for posting this, I really enjoyed it.

    • I can see that you are extremely passionate about poetry and how important it is to you. I agree that being in the audience at a poetry reading is an honor and the personal connections one can make with the reader of the poem. I remember being introduced to slam poetry last year and now I enjoy it. I think that listening to someone else’s poetry opens a window into that person’s life and allows the audience to share in the experience and emotions.

    • I love this post and how raw it is. One day you will be up on the stage at Verses, and you will do a wonderful job releasing your experiences and emotions. I would also love to join you there one day!