• Some of my blogs have talked about the importance of managing mental health. With finals here, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. With stress, I sometimes feel exhausted from studying and completing several projects […]

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    In high school, I remember having to write about the effects of pink tax for different states. Overall, products that are needed to achieve proper hygiene only get more expensive because of marketing. There are […]

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    I’ve been in the same situation. I haven’t gone back to my family home since spring break. However, I was fortunate enough to have a cousin live nearby and could park my car at their house. This gave me the luxury […]

  • My freshman year has taught me a lot. From my professors to random strangers, every person who I have interacted with has left an impression on me. Some of these people I now look up to as my role models. The […]

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    The saying “April showers bring May flowers” seems to be true this year. These past couple of weeks have been filled with very rainy days. Virginia has always been known for humidity and unpredictable weather. In […]

  • Even on the off chance I play them, I love games. There is an unlimited amount of board, card, or dice games to enjoy. I love games like Uno or Clue because they bring different elements to the game to make it […]

  • I can relate a lot. I have noticed that I had more busy weeks during my spring semester than my fall semester. There have been many weeks where I have felt crushed by the pressure of projects and tests. This leads […]

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    I also listen to VIEWS. David and Jason, even though there is an age gap, really work well together despite having differing opinions. I like how Jason can mix both comedy and wisdom into the podcast like how he […]

  • Before coming to VCU, I talked to a lot of people about college and what to expect in my freshman year. The most popular piece of advice that I was given was to find my “tribe”. Of course, when people told me […]

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    I can relate a lot with your blog. Like you, my first year did not go the way I expected it to. I thought that I would be able to go to a bunch of cool events, make a lot of friends, and survive well on my own. As […]

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    I can relate because I also come from NOVA. Richmond has offered so many great opportunities that I would not have gotten if I had gone to George Mason. The placement of university makes it hard to not explore the […]

  • There have been many times where I have not moved for hours on a weekend just to binge watch a show on Netflix. It’s not hard to forget how long you have been watching a series or cluster of movies only to find o […]

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    It’s very interesting to read your blog. I am not interested in many sports, including basketball. When I heard my classmates talking about brackets or ranks, I was just confused. I also thought it was weird that […]

  • In high school, group projects were always annoying.  Someone would slack off or there would be one person who ends up doing all the work. In my personal experience, I end up being the one who picks up the slack. […]

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    It seems more common now with our generation that we can’t even hold a conversation. Another issue is that we also have a hard time of introducing ourselves. Handshakes apparently scare some people and just the […]

  • My goal for spring break was to do as little as possible. Because of the stressed I collected over the past few weeks, I was going to relax, sleep, and eat good food. No homework, chores, or responsibilities could […]

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    I can agree with your thoughts to some degree. As someone who does not like conflict, I try to avoid confrontation as much as possible. If I am able to just walk away from someone then that’s what I will do. […]

  • I didn’t realize the different ways people deal with colds or illness in general until I read your blog. I am the type of person who complains or makes it dramatic, or at least that’s what my mom has told me. […]

  • After writing “The Big S”, I got some questions in regards to my personal experience with stress. Things like ” how do you deal with stress?” and “how has college stressed you? ” are just some examples. Personally […]

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    As a college student, we constantly undergo pressure. Pressure to do well in school. Pressure to maintain relationships. Pressure to be successful. We build such a large expectation for ourselves that we end up […]

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