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    (Guida = to guide)

    I teach Winning Presentations, a public speaking class for business students. This is a required class that is to be taken before declaring a major within the school. Many students are […]

    • Hiya Marisa! I see you are using the 4Cs thinking routine (Ritchart et al 2011) to prompt student thinking. Might I share some thoughts here for discussion?

      For the 1st C, I might ask instead “What connections do you draw between this video and your own life or other learning experiences?”

      It’s terrific that you are using thinking routines! I’m an advocate of these types of scaffolding.

      P.S. Love your post title!

      • Thank you Yin! Agreed & appreciated. That question gets to the heart of the matter, considering themselves personally & outside stimuli.

        The structure & simplicity are great benefits of the 4C’s. Scaffolding is a great way to put it!

    • Hello.

      Wonderful activity. Like Yin, I appreciate the use of the 4 C’s routine. It is simple, yet powerful.

      I have one question: What do you do to get students to ask the types of questions that you pose?

      • Excellent question Enoch! I don’t suppose I’ve engaged in that way…exactly. I’ve been conscious to “lecture” less and ask questions more. Instead of telling them why we played zip, zap, zop – I ask them why and allow them to build the bridge as a group.