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    Citation: Giles, J. (2011). Brain donors. New Scientist210(2818), 42-45.

    The article that I will be researching further into is called  Brain Donors.

    What this article is telling us, is that AI technology […]

    • Please see the comment one of our open participants left on your Inquiry Project Reflection #3. She did a Google Scholar search on AI and other terms and sent you a link you may find helpful!
      So this article seems to focus more on limitations of AI. You can add this to your search terms (limitations AND AI or Artificial Intelligence). Weren’t you looking into AI and medical field?
      You are behind in your Research posts. Please check in with me if you need any help. Also our research librarians WANT to help you guys. Email lwgariepy@vcu.edu — she can help!

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      I really thought this was good because this could possibly help with your counterargument for AI. It also got me thinking because new technologies take away jobs but AI in a way creates some jobs because of the need for turkers.