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    When I first signed up for this General Sociology class back in mid May, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I remember thinking since it was a one hundred level course, how bad could it be. I wish I would have been […]

    • Dr. Croteau –
      Thank you for your feedback. I felt I should put my self-assessment out there and apologize for it as I’m not proud of the work I’ve done in this class. Obviously/Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about it at this point except learn from it and finish the semester up strong with my upcoming assignments. I know you warned us up front but I guess I just didn’t take it seriously or like I stated in my autobiography, since it was a lower level class, I thought I’d be fine! :/

      Also, thank you for your gender role suggestions. I’ll have to run that advice by my fiance and see if we can’t line some things up. I completely agree that it’ll help us both appreciate each other more and appreciate what’s actually involved in each specific task. Thanks again!

    • I know how you feel about coming into the class unprepared. I am very disappointed with how I have performed and with I could fix it. My power to is to push myself to become a doctor after 10 years of school. Good luck to you on the path of finishing your degree!

      • Don’t be too hard on yourself… You can do whatever you put your mind to! Good luck to you and your future endeavors! You can do it Doctor! 🙂

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      I can assure you regardless of how hard it was for you to get into the ‘groove’ of this course, it was simpler than a regular 16-week sociology course. (Definitely more exciting.) My biological father abandoned my mom and I shortly after my birth, she remarried when I was 9, the man she married adopted me, I thought their marriage was happy, I suppose they fought behind closed doors. They got a divorce when I was 11. I understand 100% what you mean when you said that you were much more open-minded to the different family units in society. I remember wondering who else had been through divorce, none of my friends parents had, so I had a hard time coping, but I am a stronger person today because of it. I too, value my family and believe that I would not be who I am today without them.

      • The family unit is a very complex and important thing. I’m sorry to hear about your parents but you seem to be looking at it in a positive note by admitting you’re a stronger person today. Coming from a broken home, I’m going to work my tail off to avoid that with my fiance. But I’m also NOT going to stay with him just for the children, if we have children. It’s too damaging to the children to be raised in a hostile environment, ya know?

    • Thanks for the encouraging and kind words. I wasn’t real confident about my autobiography so I really appreciate your kind words.