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    Most of this chapter was a review for me but what I enjoyed about it most was that it was in fact a review for me. My memory is awful so I’ll gladly take a review or a refresh any time. As part of the working […]

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      I agree, it is very scary to think how easily it is to move down classes. I’ve witnessed it first hand with my neighbor. He has gotten in trouble with the law and didn’t finish in college, but he is now showing the strength to recover. He is going to community college and plans to transfer to VCU next year. He is also 100% crime free, he is a living example of how it is possible to bring yourself back up and move up classes after a rough time.

      • I’m so happy for your neighbor! I love seeing people change for the better and succeed to their full potential. Both of my brothers got into some trouble with the law and I’m so proud of what they’ve overcome and accomplished for themselves and for their families.

    • Yes it’s doable but like you said, it seems like it’s NEVER ending. It can be a vicious cycle that’s hard to break.